Changing Postsecondary Outcomes for Deaf Students

Through education and advocacy


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Let guide you through these programs that are available to anyone Deaf or hard of hearing over 17 years old.

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College Support

Customized support on your journey from the application process all the way to graduation day

Career Training

In almost any city, can find a career training program to help you achieve your goal


Obtain accommodations needed for equal access to all activities on campus

Career Development

Your chances of finding a job and getting hired are much better when you have a certification or degree

Student Staff

From note taking to resume writing, our student staff is ready to assist you

Student Rewards

Earn up to $100 per month for getting perfect attendance or good grades

We are here to serve as a catalyst for information and empowerment, as a resource base for deaf and hard of hearing students as they leave high school. Going to college or vocational school is not only a major uphill challenge from an accessibility standpoint, but also when it comes to understanding your rights and legal protections.

Brian Bearden

Executive Director

Deaf and hard of hearing aged 18-44
DHH attend post-secondary educational institutions
DHH graduate from four-year programs
Hearing peers who graduate from four-year programs

At a Glance

The difference in graduation rates of DHH students compared to their hearing peers is staggering. We want to change that.

From advocacy to supports, incentives to training, we help DHH students break through educational and career ceilings and onto a brighter future. Join us in our endeavor to change the lives of DHH students across the country.

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Beth Hutchings

“Succeeding in college can be tricky, even without the ongoing struggle to communicate in a world without sound. That’s why the DeafVibe Foundation wants to lend a hand.”


Stover E. Harger III

Because you deserve to shine.

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